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While Stocks Last!

These are items that have received 4/5 star reviews at the Holika Holika website!

Very fresh products!
Just Arrived!
Contact: fuuron@gmail.com

Prices Include normal SG post!!
For registered mail, add $3.
Combined posting available!
Meet up for 3 items and above!

4 Colors Smooth Eggs Soap Special Set (1 Box) $28
Bulgarian Rose Petal Moisture Mask $37
Bulgarian Rose Pearly Blossom Cream Special Box Set (20ml Emulsion+20ml Skin) $38
Bulgarian Rose 12 hr Moisturizing Cream $37
Bulgarian Rose Petal Skin (Toner) $30
Bulgarian Rose Emulsion $30
Snow White Foam Cleanser $17 SOLD
Snow White Magic Film Mask Sheet 1 piece $7.50
Powder Sheets 1 each (Pumpkin, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Cacao) $6.50 each
Daily Garden Cleansing Foam 1 each (Aloe, Acerola, Lemon, Green Tea, Olive) $9 each
Apple Shine Peeling Toner $24
Apple Shine Scrub Foam $18
Apple Shine Turnover Sleeping Cream $28
Apple Shine Turnover Essence $28
Soda Pore Cleansing O2 Bubble Mask $28
Soda Pore Cleansing Foam $16
Soda Pore Cleansing Cream $20
Magic Salt Deep Cleansing Tissues $17
Oatmeal Essence Cleansing Cream $20
Plumping Heart Lifting Cream $28
Plumping Heart Essential Emulsion $23
Plumping Heart Essential Skin (Toner) $23
Smooth Egg Tightening Essence $25
Secret Source Hydro Gel Cream $28
Face 2 Change Liquid Roller #2 $35
Face 2 Change Cream Starter $25
Hello Holika Cat Blusher $38
Hello Holika Cat Highlighter $38
Merry Holika Owl #1 blush highlight $39
Color Change BB cream $35
Baby Bloom Foundation SPF30 PA ++ #1 $23
Baby Bloom Foundation SPF30 PA ++ #2 $23
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Skin $42
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Emulsion $42
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recover Cream $60
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recover Royal Essence $52
Shiny Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam $18
Juicy Hawaii Orangeade Cleansing Cream $14
Aqua Splash Ice Mask Sheet (2 pieces) $10 each
Shiny Homme Mask Sheets 1 each (Whitening, Aqua, Oil-Control) $3.50 each
Strawberry Magic Cover Pores Compact (SPF25 PA++) $25
New Strawberry Pore Concealer Magic Cover $18
Dark Circle Stealer Eye Mask $7.50

Holika Holika Spree

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Goat's Milk, Shea butter, Olive Oil.

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PG Mall Bags, Aimee Bags, Shoes Store, M-L/Plus sizes, OPI, Beeshop, Tokyo Nana,
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UDI Fashion, STarmimi, SimpleMixi, Yoyogi, Queen Fashion Shop, Budinsea, ImagineGirl,
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HITO, Payeasy, Jerry, KS Korean Style Men, Mishop, PG Mall Bags, Aimee bags, Catworld, SOUP, SMART, TAIJI, AZ Shop, ForStyle Guys, FM Fashion Market Shoes, NIKIYO, ASOBI, Mayuki/Tokyo Fashion, ShiShangQiYi (SSQY), LOMO cameras, Cosmetics Beauty Kirei Sprees, L/Plus sizes sprees, Beeshop, Dolce Vita DV, Joyce Shop, Baimomo, Base/Blythe Zoo, Duckybox, Candybox, Wonderland, Queen Fashion Shop, Imagine Girl, Cutie Fashion & Cynthia, OB Orange Bear, Two Do, E Magic Mirror, Metrosexual Guys, BlueStar, KONY Wholesale Shop, Apple Mimi, Sweet Dolly, Tokyo Nana, Casual Courier Guys, Simple Mixi, Washida Men and many more!!


Spreedom! US/Korea/Taiwan Fashion Sprees!

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